Private fees

Diagnosis / Hygiene

Diagnosis £
Initial consultation (including x-rays if required) 62.00
Routine examination 52.00
Hygiene £
30 minute hygienist appointment 52.00
Scale and polish (by your dentist as a separate visit) 62.00
  • Diagnosis
  • Hygiene

At your initial consultation we will check for tooth decay and gum health and also examine your entire mouth, head, and neck area.

X-rays are used to look for signs of tooth decay, as well as for gum disease and other oral health problems. X-rays may be taken during your check up but not every time. Your dentist will consider your clinical examination, dental history, and risk for developing cavities in determining the frequency for X-rays.

We may recommend a visit to one of our hygienists.
Only a professional cleaning provided by a dental hygienist (or dentist) can thoroughly clean your teeth and remove the hardened deposit (called calculus or tartar) that builds up on teeth.

Your hygienist will offer advice on how to keep your mouth healthy.